HealthCheck: Assessing Your Project To Improve Performance

What is HealthCheck?

MVC’s HealthCheck service measures key aspects of our client’s project performance, identifying problems early so their project teams have time to fix them.

Studies conducted by leading professional groups continue to show that a majority of projects do not succeed, are not delivered as scheduled, exceed their budgets, and do not provide the functionality required by users. With more IT projects failing than succeeding, now is the time for companies to use MVC’s HealthCheck service.

Why HealthCheck? Because Failure Rates of IT Projects Remain High

Protect your project’s value using our independent HealthCheck service.

HealthCheck assesses the thoroughness of the planning and implementation around IT projects and programs, giving companies an unbiased analysis of whether or not a project is delivering its intended value. Conducted confidentially by MVC experts knowledgeable in PMO best practices, each HealthCheck review includes recommended actions to increase effectiveness, performance, and solve many recurring project problems.

Utilize HealthCheck reviews to monitor progress and make informed decisions.

Most managers are aware when there’s a problem with a project, however determining what’s causing the problem and how to fix it can be challenging. This is where HealthCheck can help. Each HealthCheck review appraises the status and quality of project artifacts to assure that the interdependencies between artifacts are understood and adequately managed.

An objective outside perspective reveals issues that are unlikely to be discovered internally.

Our initial surveys coupled with our confidential interviewing process ensures candid feedback from your internal team. Often, negative feedback is not exposed through internal audits due to corporate politics. HealthCheck uncovers these issues, analyzes them, and produces an objective report for the client.

Uncover significant potential savings with targeted assessments.

Every time a project is delayed, over budget, business requirements have been added, significant personnel changes are required, or team morale is poor, plans have to be updated and new challenges addressed. The goal should be to identify and mitigate problems early rather than avoid them.

MVC’s HealthCheck Process