Analyzing Your Business To Improve Your Profitability

Experience, Diplomacy, and Execution

MVC Business Analyst project execution is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Along with bringing objectivity to projects, Business Analysts act as change agents to receive buy-in from management to move a project forward. Business Analysts at MVC are career practitioners, offering a breadth of experience and top-tier facilitation skills.

Diplomacy and the ability to effectively communicate across all levels of stakeholders are Soft-Skills that are developed over a career of business analysis – MVC Business Analysts have an average of 20 years’ experience. Our Business Analysts are the eyes and ears of our clients.

What makes our Business Analysis different?


MVC Business Analysts have specialized experience across various industries including insurance, financial services, pharmaceutical, non-profit, retail, and manufacturing. Since MVC Business Analysts average over 20 years’ experience, they’re able to draw from a careers-worth of successful engagements to offer unique solutions. This allows our Business Analysts to support and serve their clients as an extension of their internal team.

Problem Solving

Our problem solving methodologies create solutions and remove roadblocks. We excel at bridging communication gaps between the functional business teams and technical teams. MVC Business Analysts are proactive – we address potential issues before they become challenges. There’s no substitution for real-world experience – our Business Analysts have been exposed to a variety of challenges, which allows them to apply the optimal solution.


The importance of Soft-Skills are often undervalued in Business Analysis, though the innate aspect of a Business Analyst’s personality can be integral to the success of a project. MVC Business Analysts are vetted to ensure that their personality, confidence, flexibility, and delivery match the individual client’s culture. Our focus on family is evident in the way that our Business Analysts respectfully integrate into client teams.