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Reboot the PMO

With organizations like the Project Management Institute, there’s no shortage of substantive resources in the marketplace today that can help IT projects succeed by offering PMO best practices, training, and accreditation. But all the training and certificates in the world can’t push a project across the finish line if it has the wrong organizational champions. […]

How Should We Assess Risk For Our Projects?

Firstly, we need to consider that doing risk assessment is our attempt as project managers to minimize the possibility of failure. We define failure as one of three things: Exceeding the time allocated to complete the project Spending more than the budget allocated for the project Not meeting our client’s requirements Secondly, we can generalize […]

Scrum Fills the Leak in the Waterfall Methodology (Part 2)

Read ‘Part 1’ Here. Although there are many reasons for Waterfall Failure or Waterfall ‘Leaks’, here are some common causes: Requirements & Scope Control Requirements tend to be unclear, lack agreement, lack priority, can be contradictory, ambiguous, and imprecise. With that said, Waterfall assumes a detailed set of requirements will be 100% accurate at the […]

Scrum Fills the Leak in the Waterfall Methodology (Part 1)

Although the Agile Methodology has been around for more than ten years, Scrum is still relatively new to most people in the project management field – although it is gaining ground. Scrum is the leading agile development methodology, used by Fortune 500 companies around the world. Not only does it change the mechanics of traditional […]